Friday, January 23, 2009

Psychiatry, The Fraud

Psychiatry The Fraud
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Akathisia, Suicide, & Homicide from Psychiatric Drugs: Dr. Yolanda Lucire, MUST SEE

Stop The Mothers Act: 1,031 babies KILLED, So Far

Tardive Dyskinesia

Zyprexa In Ireland

Antidepressants And Suicide

The "World's Gold Standard" Pre-emptocrats

HKLLP has 26 More.

Too Many Kids On Psych Drugs?

(Quitting)Smoking Can Kill You: Behavioral $cience

At 2:28 "I was mislead, lied to when I asked questions, and, ..... that's how you treat a lab rat. You deceive a lab rat."

DSM-IV-TR Billing Code 292.0: Nicotine Withdrawal, as an 'Incurable Mental Illness'